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Commission Work

11"x14" Oil on Canvas 2019

Oil on Canvas 11"x14" August, 2019

Oil on Canvas 11"x14" April, 2020

Oil on Canvas 11"x14" September, 2020

Oil on Canvas, 11"x14" February, 2020

Oil on Canvas 11"x14" September, 2020

Watercolor on Paper 8"x10" October, 2020


8 x 10" $250

9 x 12" $350

11 x 14" $450

What is Included in The Price

The price of each commission will always include a simple frame with ready-to-hang attachments. Shipping not included. Special requests regarding framing will always be considered!

Methods of Payment

Options for payment include cash, SquareSpace, PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo.

Completion Time

A typical commission takes twenty days to complete.


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