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Artist Statement

Immersive adventures in places new to me inform my artistic practice. Building hiking trails on Colorado’s tallest mountain, solo bikepacking across the American midwest, and studying abroad in Palestine are some examples of journeys that have shaped my bodies of work. After these ventures, I return home to Ohio with journals and sketchbooks full of observations and narratives. During these travels and creative processes, I contemplate topics such as the importance of sharing joyful stories, deconstructing the masculine connotations of the “spirit of adventure”, the effects of colonization, and thoughts on ecofeminism. These adventures and coinciding philosophies are turned into meticulously rendered depictions of Mother Nature, and the storybook-like experiences one can have in the great outdoors.

By using soft mediums such as watercolor, graphite, and ink, I want to juxtapose the historically macho western attitude of “conquering” the outdoors through daring adventures. This practice conveys a message of thoughtfulness by depicting moments of quiet observations or genuine interactions with kind strangers and gentle wildlife. I create free-hand renditions of new people who I meet while traveling, environments that are striking, and personal narratives. Each piece demonstrates technical attention to detail, value scale, and proportional accuracy.


My work is a collection of observations from the perspective of a curious young girl who navigates the world with Mother Nature, and the kindness of others who guide her through her adventures. 

Instagram: a.j.alsup     Facebook: Alison Alsup     Email:

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