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On June 1st 2023, Alsup biked 850 miles along the Ohio river from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Cairo Illinois. She then completed the 1,444 mile Buckeye Trail, thru hiking 1,100 miles and biking 350. Alsup then biked 796 miles around the entire perimeter of Lake Erie, before biking half of the Ohio to Erie trail from Cleveland to Sunbury, and then roller blading the rest of the way to Cininnati. By October 16th, Alsup had covered 3,416 miles around her home state by foot, bike, and roller blades. During this adventure, sketchbooks and journals were filled with all the lessons, observations, and stories that occured along the way. 

Ohio and its surrounding region is rich with natural beauty, historical significance, and unique culture. Alsup is excited to share Ohio's beauty through her illustriative and detailed drawings and paintings. 

This project was generously supported by the Cleveland Institute of Art's President's Traveling Scholarship, and the Adventure Sports Podcast 2023 Adventure Grant. 

Ohio Project Artwork

Biking Through Ohio, 2024, watercolor on paper, 20" x 15"

Hocking Hills Region, 2024, pen on paper, 30" x 22"

Prints Available

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